Dude, Stop 0.6.21

PC puzzle game gives you opportunities to win simply by losing

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7

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    7.3 (10)

Dude, Stop is a comical puzzle game that focuses on breaking the rules to advance.

Dude, Stop functions as a parody of the popular OCD tasking games. It provides an unconventional perspective that challenges the very notion of these in-depth problem-solving titles. This release relies heavily on nerd humor to make fun of itself, and it offers an interesting spin on the logic genre as a whole.

The pixelated 2D graphics are pretty basic and unimpressive, but that is clearly part of the joke. Completing the tasks as presented is not the proper way to get anywhere; instead, players must find ways to manipulate the graphics and break the game to win. In fact, many of the tasks get left unfinished on the path to victory, and that seems to be entirely the point.

There are a lot of hidden cheats, tricks and glitches; plus, the rules can be flat-out ignored. Some stages have to be played multiple times, which is to ensure that players discover every possible way to circumvent the level's stated mission. Despite the repetition, the entire game can be finished in two hours by the average avid gamer.

Dude, Stop is intelligently crafted to be purposefully nonsensical, and the theme is quite clever; however, it falters upon execution at certain moments. The game has a tendency to slow down when players are taking action, which definitely drags out the time required for completion. Furthermore, the tech humor might be inaccessible to general audiences, and it is a little self-obsessed.

On the surface, this seems like a smart game that defies the norms. The plot is absurd, and it adds even more loftiness to the game design, which is already detached and cerebral. In a lot of respects, it tries too hard to be funny, but it doesn't try hard enough to be a full game. It feels incomplete in some portions, and the abrupt conclusion is rather sudden. At least this makes for a relatively small download size. The quick installation also takes very little time or space.

Ultimately, this title is a witty experiment that could serve as a template for future games in this anti-game genre. Dude, Stop showcases a cunning idea that should be explored further. As far as interactive distractions go, this download is surely entertaining, even if it is just for a short time. For a game where failure is the only option, this is a pretty big success.


  • Amusing concept that provides a nice contrast to the standard puzzle game genre
  • Quirky gameplay that lets players literally ignore commands while dismantling the on-screen presentation
  • Easy to play for anyone and free of charge


  • The graphics are really unappealing
  • Most stages have to be repeated in different ways in order to move forward
  • Replay value is minimal, and everything can be completed within two hours

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